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Terminal boxes

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Fields of application:
For controlling variable and constant air flow rates in ventilation and air-conditioning installations.

Volumetric flow range:
40 - 5,345 m3/h

An integrated volumetric flow controller regulates the air volume throughput either constantly or variably. Positive control toVmin, Vmax or “Closed” is possible. In the same way, the pressure-reducing box can be used as a room or duct pressure regulator. The measuring crosses, comprising 12 measuring points each, distributed in accordance with the median line method, enable a very accurate measurement of the air volume throughput. The measurement error is ± 5% of the rated volume.
The built-in sound absorber part reduces the flow-generated noise. An additional sound absorber for further reduction of the flow-generated noise and an acoustic cladding for reducing the radiated noise are available.

EBE - with electric control
EBP - with pneumatic control
EBE / EBP-Z for supply air
EBE / EBP-A - for return air
EBE / EBP-...-R - right-hand design
EBE / EBP-...-L - left-hand design
Housing made of galvanised sheet steel and lined with mineral wool.

CE marking
CE marking of SCHAKO fire dampers according to DIN EN 15650:2010-9

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