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Flow rate controler

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Fields of application:
For controlling variable and constant air flow rates in ventilation and air-conditioning installations.


Volumetric flow range:
30 - 43,000 m3/h

The volumetric flow controller regulates the implemented flow rate either constantly or variably. Positive control toVmin, Vmax or “Closed” is possible. The measuring crosses each comprising 12 measuring points, distributed in accordance with the median line method, enable a very accurate measurement of the air volume throughput. The error of measurement is ± 5% of the rated volume.

VRA-R-...- Round model, for spiral duct connection to DIN 24145, with seal for air-tight sealing.
VRA-Q-...- Rectangular design, for duct connection to DIN 24190, only right-hand design available.
VRA-Q- HKP - not sealing air-tight, with plastic bearing.
VRA-Q- HKU - not sealing air-tight, with sintered bearing.
VRA-Q- JK-LP - sealing air-tight to DIN 1946/4, with plastic bearing.
VRA-Q- JK-LU - sealing air-tight to DIN 1946/4, with sintered bearing.
VRA-...-E - with electric controller
VRA-...-P - with pneumatic controller
Housing made from galvanised sheet steel

CE marking
CE marking of SCHAKO fire dampers according to DIN EN 15650:2010-9

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ce declaration of conformity


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